Bike Trail Cleaning and Maintenance

Trails typically span across multiple boundaries and jurisdictions, and go through areas where it may not be clear who is responsible for trail cleaning and care. For this reason it’s helpful to have a comprehensive plan for trail cleaning and care.

Trail cleaning and upkeep can be achieve through any of the following methods

  • Adopt a Trail. Local civic organizations and businesses could adopt trail segments and regularly clean those areas of the trail. In exchange for this, a sign could be posted indicating who has adopted that trail segment.
  • Event Funded. A significant amount of trash and debris on trails can be attributed to events that take place near the trails. When trails go past event locations or parking areas, and trash seems to be accumulating during events, it’s reasonable to consider having a small portion of the proceeds from those events go toward cleanup of the trails near the event location.
  • Volunteers. For communities that have regular trail riders with an interest in caring for the trails, these riders could volunteer to keep the trails clean and keep tree branches, bushes, and other vegetation trimmed back away from the trail.


The videos below offer comments, observations, and suggestions similar to those provided above.

Cleaning Trash From Trails


Trimming Branches from Trails